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紹介コード (選択)
Article 1 [Purpose)
These Terms and Conditions are intended to define the rights, duties, responsibilities and other necessary matters of the Company and its members regarding the use of the PURPLECOW and PURPLECOW Exchange related services provided by IBCT Korea co., ltd (hereinafter referred to as 'the Company').

Article 2 (Definitions)
Terms used in these terms and conditions are defined as follows.
,1. 'Service' means PURPLECOW's Cryptocurrency trading service and related services that members can use regardless of device (including various wired and wireless devices such as PC, portable terminal).
,2. 'Member' means a customer who accesses the Service, enters into a contract with the Company in accordance with these Terms and uses the services provided by the Company.
,3. 'ID (ID or Account)' means the letter or combination of numbers that the Company has given to the Member in order to identify the Member and provide the Service after the Member agrees to the Terms and the Privacy Policy.
,4. Member means the unique name (a combination of letters and numbers) of the member determined by the member who has agreed to the Terms and the Privacy Policy for the use of the Service and collected by the Company.
,5. 'Cryptocurrency' refers to objects that are electronically present in the block chain, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., that can be traded in a service.
,6. 'KRW' means a virtual payment instrument that a member can use in the service of a Cryptocurrency transaction in the service, and can be exchanged for cash. There is no extra interest.
,7. 'External Cryptocurrency Address' means any encrypted cryptocurrency address or account that is owned or used by a member or other person outside of the Service. External Cryptocurrency Address are not owned, controlled or operated by the Company.
,8. 'PURPLECOW PURCHASE' means the PURPLECOW wallet used by PURPLECOW to store the cryptocurrency associated with the PURPLECOW ID of the member. The Member shall use the 'PURPLECOW PURCHASE' However, when depositing via ICO, such as some ERC20 tokens, the use of a cryptocurrency purse may be restricted.
,9. 'Post' means the articles, photographs, videos, various files and links in the form of information such as codes, texts, sounds, sounds, images, and videos posted by the member in the service.
,10. 'Content' means any information or material in online digital form, including code, characters, figures, colors, sounds, images, images, etc. (including composites thereof) provided by the Company to the Member.
,11. 'Open Market' means an application trading site operated by an 'open market operator'.
,12. 'Open Market Operator' means an electronic commerce provider providing the installation and payment functions of the Services.
,13. 'Payment Provider' means a provider of electronic payment available for 'open market' such as credit card, mobile phone payment, etc.
,14. 'Paid payment' means payment for purchasing content, etc., for a fee.
,15. 'Paid Contents' means 'Content' purchased for a fee through 'Paid Payment'.
,16. 'Market' is a virtual space where a member can buy and sell cryptocurrency at his / her own discretion.
,17. 'Significant Affiliate' means a Company that has entered into an Affiliate Agreement with the Company and provides some important functions of the 'Service' (including, but not limited to, login functionality, interfacing with the Currency Exchange). Article 3 (Publication and Amendment of Terms) ① The Company will post the contents of this agreement through the service or connection screen so that the member can easily understand the contents of this agreement.
,② If necessary, the Company may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws and regulations.
,③ When the Company revises these Terms and Conditions, the revised contents and the effective date will be announced from the date of application to the day before the effective date. However, in case of a change that is disadvantageous to the member, the change will be announced 30 days before the effective date.
,④ Company can consider that the member agreed with the change in Terms and Conditions if:
-The Company provides notification in advance in accordance with the preceding paragraph and lets members deactivate their account if they do not accept the change in Terms and Conditions
-The member does not express will of rejecting the change in Terms and Conditions
,⑤ If the member does not agree with the revised terms, the members may express their intention to refuse the contracts until the day before the effective date and terminate the service use contract. Article 4 (Interpretation of Terms) ① The Company may have separate operating policies in addition to these Terms and Conditions.
,② Any matters not defined in these Terms and Interpretations shall be subject to the Operational Policy, Usage Guidelines and relevant laws and regulations. Article 5 (Contract of Use) ① The use agreement shall be made by the person who intends to become a member (hereinafter referred to as 'the applicant') agrees with the contents of the terms provided by the Company, It is concluded by consent.
,② The Company may not accept the application for the applicant if there is a reason falling under each of the following items, and may cancel the agreement or terminate the use contract if the following reasons are confirmed after the application.br>,1. If the applicant has previously lost his or her membership status pursuant to these Terms and Conditions
,2. Using a name other than a real name or the name of someone else
,3. If false or misleading information is provided by the applicant, or if the applicant does not provide the contents the Company requested
,4. If the applicant is unable to approve due to reasons attributable to the applicant, or if he or she violates other matters stipulated in these terms and conditions
,5. If the applicant uses the Service for fraudulent or separate business purposes.
,6. If the applicant applies for the purpose of violating the related laws or hindering the well-being of society or the morality of society
,7. If the applicant is a non-resident foreigner or under 19 years old, non-resident foreigner may be restricted from using services under 19 years old
,③ The time of establishment of the contract of use is when the Company shows the completion of the account creation in the application process or when the notification in accordance with the method of Article 22 reaches the applicant.
,④ The Company may ask for verification of the real name or identity verification through the professional agency to the extent permitted by laws and regulations in order to check whether the information provided by the member is consistent with the facts. Article 6 (Change of Member Information) ① Members can view and modify their personal information at any time through the service. However, IDs required for service management can not be modified.
,② Members should notify the Company of any changes made by the service directly through the service or through the Customer Center if the items listed at the time of membership application change.
,③ The Company shall not be held responsible for the disadvantage caused by the member not notifying the Company of the changes in the preceding paragraph. Article 7 (Management of Member Information) ① The Company can restrict the use of the member if there is concerns for the leakage of personal information of the member, or for misunderstanding as a person other than the member, or as an anti-social or moral violation, violation of the rights of a third party. In addition, the Company may restrict the use of the member if it is deemed necessary by the Company in reasonable judgment.
,② The Company shall treat the User as a member without a separate confirmation procedure if the account and password registered by the Member are identical with those registered in the Company.
,③ Members are responsible for keeping all information necessary for account access safely, including passwords, so that unauthorized third parties do not gain unauthorized access to members' accounts.
,④ Members should immediately notify the Company if their account access information is lost, stolen, or recognized as being disclosed to a third party. The Company may immediately take measures such as suspension of account use.
,⑤ The Company shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by the Member due to loss, theft or disclosure of access information such as member's account password. However, this is not the case if it is caused by intention or negligence of the Company. Article 8 (Protection of Personal Information) The Company strives to protect the personal information of its members as stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations, such as the Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection, and the Personal Information Protection Act. Protection and use of personal information will be governed by relevant laws and regulations and Company's personal information processing policy. However, the Company's personal information processing policy does not apply to screens linked to external sources other than those provided by the Company. Article 9 (Obligations of the Company) ① The Company strives to provide services continuously and stably in compliance with the related laws and these Terms and Conditions.
,② The Company may provide a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that members can use the service safely, and disclose and observe personal information processing policy.
,③ The Company shall deal with any opinions or complaints raised by Members in connection with the use of the Service, and may transmit processing procedures and results to Members through the service bulletin board, e-mail, etc. Article 10 (Membership Obligations) ① Members shall not do the following activities.
,1. Hijacking Information of others
,2. Changes to information posted by the Company
,3. Sending or posting information (computer programs, etc.) other than information set by the Company
,4. Infringement of intellectual property including copyrights of Company and other third parties
,5. Acts that damage the reputation of the Company or other third parties or disrupt business.
,6. Disclosing or posting to the Service any obscene or violent messages, images, voices, false facts, or other inaccuracies or misconduct.
,7. Use of the Services for profit-making purposes without Company's prior consent.
,8. Access to the service through automated means such as agent, script, spider, spyware, toolbars, or other fraudulent methods; illegal generation or increase of the number of exposures and clicks; application for service use; An act that causes a load
,9. Collecting personal and account information of other members
,10. Disturbing the sound trading order, such as by unreasonably influencing the price of a currency
,11. Other illegal or unlawful acts
,② The member shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations, these Terms and Conditions, the User's Guide, and any matters notified or notified by the Company in connection with the Service, and shall not engage in activities that interfere with the work of other companies. Article 11 (Copyright of post) ① The copyright of the post posted by the member in the service is protected by copyright law and provides a perpetual license that can be used by the Company in a proper procedure and manner as follows. The use and permitted range of the above license are as follows.,1. Use, edit, store, reproduce, modify, disclose, transmit, publicly perform, publicly publish and distribute the postings for the operation, improvement, improvement,,2. The right to create and distribute secondary works of the post,② Right to have media and telecommunication companies to broadcast and broadcast the contents of the post for the purpose of promoting the service. If the Company intends to use the post of the member other than the preceding paragraph, Company can get the member's consent.,③ In the event that a member terminates the use agreement or terminates the use agreement pursuant to Article 21, this license will continue to be within the scope of the purpose set forth in Paragraph 1, including improvement, improvement and promotion of the service. Article 12 (Right of Use of Posts) ① Any loss or other problems arising from the unauthorized use of the member's postings are solely the responsibility of the members, and the Company is not responsible for it.
,② Members shall not use postings for the purpose of infringing the right of publicity, copyright, intellectual property rights and other rights of others, and the member shall bear all responsibility for the consequences arising from any act that infringes the rights of others.
,③ Members may not use the post for any unauthorized commercial or other personal gain.
,④ If the member uses the post without consent of the Company, the member has to compensate the Company according to the legal procedure. Article 13 (Management of Posts) ① The member shall not include the contents that infringe the copyright of the other person or false facts in the post. If a member's post contains content that violates related laws such as the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Usage and Information Protection Act and the Copyright Act, the right holder may request the posting of the posting to be deleted or deleted in accordance with the procedure established by the relevant laws and regulations, The Company shall take measures in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
,② In case the Company does not request the right holder pursuant to the preceding paragraph, if there is a reason that the infringement can be recognized, if it is found to be false, or if it is in violation of other Company policies and related laws and regulations, the Company can take measures such as deletion. Article 14 (Ownership of Rights) ① Copyright and intellectual property rights of service belong to the Company.
,② The Company grants to the members only the right to use the services in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Company in relation to the service, and the member can not do the disposition such as transfer, sale, Article 15 (Provision of Services, etc.) ① The Company can divide the service into a certain range and specify the available time for each range separately. However, the Company will notify the contents in advance.
,② The service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
,③ The Company may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of maintenance, replacement or breakdown of communication facilities such as computers, loss of communication, or reason for operational reasons. In this case, the Company will notify the member through the service initial screen or notice bulletin board in advance. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the Company can not give notice in advance, it can notify after the fact.
,④ The Company can inspect if necessary to provide the service, and the inspection time will follow the notification on the service providing screen. Article 17 (Use of Services) ① If the member deposits cash in the account designated by the Company, the Company pays KRW corresponding to the amount calculated by the ratio of 1 KRW per KRW of cash deposited in the member's PURPLECOW wallet.
,② The member shall submit the cryptocurrency order to the Company according to the method determined by the Company.
,③ When a member submits a cryptocurrency trading order, he or she must hold the KRW or cryptocurrency required for the purchase order in the PURPLECOW wallet.
,④ The Company provides order confirmation information that summarizes the quantity, price, and fee of the cryptocurrency that the member intends to buy or sell before the member submits the order. Members agree that even if the Company fails to provide such order confirmation information, it will not affect the order submitted by the Member.
,⑤ The member agrees that the Company is not responsible for the price change of the cryptocurrency. In the event of a cessation of the currency market or an unavoidable event such as Article 23, Paragraph 2, the Company may take one or more of the following actions and the Company shall not be held liable for any losses incurred by the Member.
,1. Stop access to services
,2. Stop all activities in the service
,⑥ When a member requests a withdrawal from the KRW for the KRW owned by the member, the Company shall pay the cash calculated at the rate of 1 KRW per KRW to the account registered in advance by the member.
,⑦ The Company may ask for the verification of the real name or the identity verification through the professional agency to the extent permitted by laws and regulations in order to check whether the information provided by the member at the time of withdrawal of cash and currency money matches the facts.
,⑧ A member may send an amount of money from the PURPLECOW Wallet to the external cryptocurrency address except for the fee if the Cryptocurrency balance of the PURPLECOW PURCHASE is greater than the amount corresponding to the unpaid order. The member themselves are responsible for the accuracy of the external cryptocurrency address and the Company is not responsible for sending the cryptocurrency to the external cryptocurrency address that the member has misrepresented. Article 18 (Notes on Use of Services) ① If the Company has a reason for each item of Article 5 (2), Article 20 (1) and (2), or for preventing such damage, Or limit the amount of the transaction and other terms of the transaction. For example, Company can limit the number of pending orders that can be set through the service, or Company can restrict transactions with specific local members. In this case, the Company shall notify the Member in accordance with Article 22.
,② The member can cancel the order only before the order submitted to the service is concluded. For partially signed orders, the member can cancel any remaining orders that have not been completed. The Company may refuse a request for cancellation if the Member has placed an order on the market.
,③ If the passwords available in the members' PURPLECOW wallets are insufficient to settle the order submitted by the member, the Company may cancel the entire order or fulfill the partial orders corresponding to the passwords available in the member's PURPLECOW wallets.
,④ The Company may discontinue all services if it is difficult to maintain the service due to business reasons such as abolishment of business due to transfer of business, division, merger, expiration of contract with important affiliates, or deteriorated profitability of the service. In this case, the member will be notified by the method of Article 22, Paragraph 1 of the suspension date, reason for suspension, and the method of transferring the cryptocurrency of the user by 30 days before the interruption date unless there is another unavoidable reason. However, the Company will support the transfer of the member's cryptocurrency (withdrawal) in accordance with Article 18, Clause 5 of this Agreement so that the member can safely transfer (withdraw) the password, which is his property, even if the transaction support is discontinued.
,⑤ The Company shall not be liable for any unavoidable reasons such as failure of the cryptocurrency itself, bankruptcy / dissolution of the important affiliate, termination of the cryptocurrency transaction, reasons for disabling the provision of the service, the Company can add or exclude individual cryptocurrency. The Company will make reasonable efforts to notify members in advance of the removal of the cryptocurrency. In the event that certain cryptocurrencies are excluded from the services provided by the Company, the Company shall not transfer (withdraw) the cryptocurrency for transfer to the personal wallets issued by other exchanges other than PURPLECOW for at least thirty (30) Support.
,⑥ The contents provided by the service are auxiliary materials for the use of the service and are not recommendations or suggestions of investment or transaction. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by the content and other information providers.
,⑦ The Company can support the transaction of new Cryptocurrency according to the operating policy. Article 19 (Service Fees) ① The member shall pay a fee when using services provided by the Company, such as a Cryptocurrency transaction service and a Cryptocurrency deposit / withdrawal service. Service fees are listed on the Company's homepage or on Android and iOS applications such as 'Fee Information'.
,② If the Company meets certain conditions, the service fee may be determined by consultation with the member. Article 20 (Restrictions on Use, etc.) ① The Company may restrict the Member's service login if the following are satisfied:
,1. In case of repeated password error
,2. In case of hacking or fraud
,3. Suspected impersonation
,4. When a government agency requests restriction of services in accordance with relevant laws and regulations
,5. When there are reasonable evidences that suggest engagement or involvement in ticketing, money laundering, unfair trade, or criminal activity.
,6. If a user who is a member is identified as a minor or non-resident foreigner
,7. If the member is confirmed to be making a KRW deposit / withdrawal transaction with someone else's account
,8. If any other reason falls under any of the following subparagraphs, or if measures are necessary to prevent the occurrence of any such cause
,② The Company may suspend or limit the use of withdrawals and withdrawals by members if the following conditions are met:
,1. When a user who is a member is identified as a minor or non-resident foreigner
,2. Suspected or suspected hacking or fraud.
,3. Suspected impersonation
,4. When a government agency requests restriction of services in accordance with relevant laws and regulations
,5. When there are reasonable evidences that suggest engagement or involvement in ticketing, money laundering, unfair trade, or criminal activity.
,6. If the member is confirmed to make a transaction in KRW denomination with the account of someone else's name
,7. If any reason falls under any of the following circumstances, or if measures are necessary to prevent the occurrence of any such cause
,③ Accounts that may be exploited for crimes such as voice phishing and money laundering (small and long term unused accounts, etc.) may be adjusted according to the operating policy.
,④ The conditions and details of restrictions within the limits of use of this section shall be determined by the Company in the operating policy, usage guide, etc.
,⑤ In the case of restricting the use of the service or terminating the use contract pursuant to this Article, the Company shall notify the member in the manner pursuant to Article 22.
,⑥ Members may file a complaint through the PURPLECOW Customer Center regarding the use restrictions in accordance with this article. At this time, if the Company accepts that the objection is justified, the Company will resume use of the service immediately. Article 21 (Termination of Use Contract) ① Members may apply for termination of the contract at any time through the information management menu or customer center in the service, and the Company shall deal with it promptly as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations.
,② The Company may limit the use of the service by setting the time when the following reasons occur, and request the corrective action. If the member does not correct within a reasonable period of time despite the request for corrective action, or if the member repeat the same violation more than once, the Company may cancel the contract.
,1. In violation of the obligations of a member provided for in Article 10 of this Agreement or for reasons of limitation of use provided for in Article 20
,2. Violation of related laws and regulations, such as illegal communication and hacking, distribution of malicious programs, violation of laws on the provision of illegal programs in violation of copyright law, promotion of information network utilization and information protection, etc.
,3. If the member conduct or attempt to interfere with the smooth progress of the services provided by the Company
,4. In the event that there is a reason for not maintaining this contract for any reason similar to each other
,③ Upon termination of the use agreement pursuant to the preceding paragraph, all benefits acquired through the use of the service will expire and the Company will not compensate for it.
,④ In case of termination of the service use contract pursuant to this Article, the Company shall notify the member in the manner pursuant to Article 22.
,⑤ When the termination of the contract is completed, all the information of the member except the information that the Company needs to keep in accordance with the related laws and the personal information processing policy will be deleted.
,⑥ If the Company terminates the use contract pursuant to Paragraph 2 above, the Company may keep the information of the member for a certain period of time to receive and handle the objection of the member, cryptocurrency transaction details are excluded). Article 22 (Notice to Members) ① If the Company notifies the Member, the Member may provide the e-mail address provided by the Member, unless otherwise provided in these Terms and Conditions.
,② If the Company notifies the whole member, the Company may substitute the notification in the preceding paragraph by posting it on the service bulletin board for more than 7 days. Article 23 (Limitation of Liability) ① Company or member is liable to compensate for damages to the other party in violation of this agreement. However, this shall not apply if there is no intention or negligence of the actor.
,② In the event of loss to the member for any of the following reasons, the Company shall not be liable for the damage if it proves that the necessary attention has been paid by the manager in order to prevent the loss of the member.
,1. Inevitable cases such as war, political affairs, natural disasters, or other national emergencies
,2. Due to compliance with governmental agency's actual or legal administrative disposition and orders.
,3. In case of a service failure of a telecommunication service provider including a telecommunication service provider under the Telecommunications Business Act
,4. If the service is out of order due to defects in the outsourcing system that can not be managed by the Company or due to reasons attributable to the user
,5. In case of server failure due to instantaneous homepage access increase and some order spike
,6. In-service trading system, deposit and withdrawal system, network of each cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin network) failure or error
,③ The attention of the necessary manager in Paragraph 2 of this Article includes the following matters.
,1. Selection and management of information protection officer
,2. Information security education
,3. Protection measures against computer room (place where computer equipment, communication and security equipments are stored, which is essential for the Company's essential money transaction or storing important information), facilities in the building where the computer room is located, information protection system Equipment and programs to protect information from unauthorized access, disclosure, forgery, alteration, or tampering with the normal service of the information processing system) and information processing systems (hardware, software and related equipment used in the information technology sector, )
,4. Cryptocurrency key (private key for signing required to prove disposal authority for cryptocurrency policy)
,5. Establish information security incident response plan
,6. Regular checks on information security measures and countermeasures for security incidents
,7. Miscellaneous matters that the cryptocurrency service provider shall observe in the information protection laws Article 24 (Payment) ① The price of paid content may differ from the price displayed at the shops in the service, and the estimated payment amount at the point of purchase and the actual billing amount may be different due to the exchange rate and the fee when paying foreign currency.
,② Members must pay the payment amount according to policies and methods set by open market operators or settlement companies.
,③ The payment limit can be adjusted according to the policies of the Company and open market operators, payment companies, and government policies. Article 25 (Withdrawal of subscription) Article 26 (Effect of withdrawal of subscription, etc.) The Company shall, within three business days (if not required to do so, not less than three business days from the date of receipt of payment confirmation, if it is not possible to withdraw the application prescribed in Article 24 (1) and (2) the Company will refund the purchase price of paid content to. In this case, if the Company delays the refund, the Company shall pay the delayed interest calculated by multiplying the rate determined by the Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Commerce etc. with the delay period. Article 27 (Refund of overtime) ① A refund will be issued if the member has overdue the amount. If overdraft occurs during the settlement process, in principle, the open market operator should request a refund. However, the Company can also request open market operator if the open market operator's policy and system can support the refund process.
,② Refunds will be refunded in the same way as the payment made by the member, but refunds can be made in other ways if refunds can not be made in the same way.
,③ In the case of overdraft due to member's responsibility, the member shall bear the fee for refund.
,④ Charges (such as call charges, data call charges, etc.) incurred by using application downloads or network services are not eligible for a refund. Article 28 (Refund of paid contents) ① Member can get a refund through the Customer Center if the following conditions apply to paid contents.
,1. If member purchased paid content but there is no service available for the purchased content and Company is solely responsible for it
,2. If the Company separately establishes for consumer protection
,② Members who want to pay back the paid contents must apply for a refund through the procedures set by the Company. The Company will judge whether the refund application is appropriate.
,③ If the Company decides to refund the member's refund request, the Company shall calculate the remaining amount of the paid contents which the member can refund, and refund the rest of the calculated balance with the 10% refund fee. However, if the Company fails to use the Service for reasons attributable to the Company as described in Paragraph 1, Item 1 of this Article, the Company will not deduct the refund fee.
,④ The content that the Company paid to the member free of charge, the content that the gift received, etc., is not subject to refund. Article 29 (Governing Law and Judge) ① The dispute between the Company and the Member shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.
,② The court of competent jurisdiction for disputes between the Company and the Member shall be the court to be agreed upon by the parties, and shall be a court under the Civil Procedure Act when no agreement is reached. Addendum 1. This Agreement will be effective from February 14, 2019.
IBCT KOREA co., ltd (hereinafter referred to as 'the Company') shall comply with the information communication service providers such as the 'Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Information and Communications Network Act'), 'Personal Information Protection Act', and 'PROTECTION OF COMMUNICATIONS SECRETS ACT' The Company strictly abide by the personal information protection regulations in the relevant laws and regulations and establish personal information processing policy (hereinafter referred to as 'this policy') in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and do its utmost to protect the rights and interests of users. The Company also   provide services according to international standards such as the OECD's privacy guidelines .
,This policy applies only to the PURPLECOW EXCHANGE service (hereinafter referred to as 'Service') provided by the Company, and the table of contents is as follows. Some have included requirements that the relevant laws and regulations require in the preparation of the personal information processing policy, and others add that the Company considers itself important to protect the privacy of users.
,1. Significance of Personal Information Processing Policy
,2. Items of personal information to be collected and collection method (required information)
,3. Use of collected personal information (required information)
,4. Sharing and providing personal information (required information)
,5. Consignment of Personal Information (Mandatory Information)
,6. Destruction of personal information (required information)
,7. Rights and methods of use by users and legal representatives (essential information)
,8. Company's Efforts to Protect Personal Information
,9. Personal Information Protection Officer and Person in Charge (Required Information)
,10. Coverage
,11. Notices and Notices Obligations 1. Significance of Personal Information Processing Policy
,This policy is based on the Information and Communications Network Act, but the Company endeavored to explain the details of the user's personal information processing within the Company in an easy-to-understand and detailed manner.
,The personal information processing policy has the following important meaning.
, •(1) what kind of information the Company collects, (2) how to use the collected information, (3) share it with others ('consign or provide') as needed, (4) Information about the life cycle of personal information '.
, •As the subject of information, the user has some rights to his / her personal information, and how and in what manner he / she can exercise it.
, •In the event of privacy violation, in order to prevent further violation and also in order to recover any damage that had already occurred, the Company will inform member of who the Company contacted with and what kind of help the member can have.
, •Above all, it is a means of assuring the user's right to self-determination of personal information by stipulating the rights and obligations between the Company and users in relation to personal information. 2. Items of personal information to collect and collection methods
,Even if the user does not join the membership, the user can use the quotation information inquiry on the exchange same as the member.
,When a user signs up for membership on the service website (www.purplecow.co.kr), the Company collects the minimum amount of personal information needed to provide smooth customer consultation, deposit and withdrawal and transaction services.
,The Company does not collect sensitive information (such as information on ideas and beliefs, joining or leaving trade unions or political parties, political views, health, sexual life, etc.) that may seriously infringe on the privacy of users.
,In principle, the Company does not collect personal information if the user is under 14 years of age. If the member is under 14 years of age, he or she will not be able to use the service. However, if the Company is forced to collect personal information from people under the age of 14, the Company will need to obtain the consent of the legal representative beforehand. In the meantime, the Company will keep his or her personal information under strict control.
,The personal information that the Company collects from users at the time of membership is as follows.
,At the time of registration, the Company collects only the user's 'e-mail address and password', which serves as authentication means for the user to use the service from the user. The Company has established procedures for the user to select either 'Agree' or 'Disagree' with respect to the content of each of the Personal Information Collection and Use Agreement.
,The personal information collected by the Company from the user for the normal use of the personal identification and service after membership is as follows.
,Regarding laws related to Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism, after the “Know Your Customer” verification process of the service users, the Company collects necessary information such as: 1) Name, 2) date of birth, 3) gender, 4) address, 5) communication provider, 6) mobile phone number, 7) Double sign-up confirmation information, 8) bank, 9) bank account, 10) account holder, 11) account nickname, 12) Copies of identification documents such as citizens registration card, passport, driver's license, overseas resident registration card, alien registration card, and proof of identification(Information other than masking and fingerprint information except for the date of birth of the resident registration number), 13) facial image information of user, 14) user’s handwritten memo.
,The personal information that the Company collects from the user during the use of the service is as follows.
,Additional personal information may be collected only by the user of the service in the process of using the individual service within the service homepage, applying for the event, and requesting the prize. In the case of collecting additional personal information, the Company will inform the user at the time of collecting the personal information about the 'personal information items to be collected, purpose of collecting and using personal information, holding and utilization period of personal information'.
,The personal information that the Company collects from the users to comply with the policies related to the virtual currency announced by the Government of the Republic of Korea and to relieve the concern of users' money laundering is as follows.
,「In accordance with the 「Special Act on Prevention of Telecommunication Financial Fraud and Damage Reimbursement」, the Act on Prevention of Fraud on Telecommunication Financing, the Act on the Reporting and Utilization of Specific Financial Transactions, and the Financial Services Commission's (1) Customer Due Diligence: the data required to confirm the identity of the user, such as his / her actual name, (2) the data necessary to additionally confirm(Enhanced CDD)about the purpose and the source of money when there are risks that the user may commit to acts such as money laundering activities, etc. At this time, evidence that the financial authorities deem necessary to prevent money laundering, etc. may include personal information of the user.
,IP addresses, cookies, web beacons, service usage records, and device information may be generated and collected during the use of the service. Specifically, 1) the information about the user is created in an automated way by the information communication system in the process of using the service, and 2) the information unique to the user's device is safely converted so that the original value can not be confirmed Means collecting after.
,• The service usage history described in this policy refers to the date and time of purplecow.co.kr access, the list of accessed pages, deposit and withdrawal records, transactions records, and any abnormal or abnormal logs generated during the use of the service.
,• Device information refers not only to the information given to the device during production and sales, but also to the information that can be verified through the software used to drive the device. (IMEI), MCC (country code), and so on, which are unique identification values required for communication with the smartphone, such as the name of the computer to be given to the PC by the user during installation of the operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Network Identification Number (IMSI) of the Network Identification Number (MNC), Universal Identification Module (USIM), and so on.
,• A cookie is a very small text file that is stored on the user's PC through the user's web browser on the website when the user accesses the website. Then, when the user visits the website again, the website server reads the contents of the cookie stored in the user's PC and maintains the service use environment set by the user, thereby enabling convenient use of the Internet service. In addition, the Company can provide services (including advertisements) that are specific to the user's taste and interest by analyzing the service information visited, the time and frequency of service access, and information generated or provided (input) during the service use process.
,• User has a choice of cookies, and user can allow all cookies by setting options in the web browser, check each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies. However, if user refuses to store cookies, user may inconvenience the use of some services that require login.
Other processes collect personal information through the following methods:
,• During the consultation process through the Customer Center, personal information of users can be collected through web pages, e-mail, fax, and telephone.
,• When applying for an emergency account freeze, the Company will collect the applicant's email address, name, date of birth, and telephone number.
,• Personal information may be collected in writing through events, seminars, etc., which take place offline.
,• The Company may obtain personal information from an external Company or organization affiliated with the Company. In such cases, the Company’s affiliates will provide the Company with the consent to provide personal information to the Company in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. 3. Use of collected personal information
,The Company uses personal information only for the following purposes: membership management, service development, provision and improvement, and establishment of safe internet use environment.
,• The Company will use personal information for member management, such as confirmation of membership registration, age verification, user identification, confirmation of withdrawal of membership, and so on.
,• In addition to providing services (including advertisements), it is also necessary to identify new service elements such as service visits and usage records, access frequency analysis, statistics on service use, demographic analysis, provision of customized services based on service analysis and statistics, the Company use personal information to improve existing services.
,• Provide notices such as preventing and sanctioning acts that interfere with the smooth operation of services including fraudulent use of fraudulent use of members who violate statutes and Company's terms of use, prevention of account theft and illegal transactions, revision of terms, Preservation of records for dispute settlement, handling of complaints, and personal information.
,• Company will use user’s personal information to verify user’s identity according to the service.
,• The Company will use personal information for marketing and promotional purposes, such as providing event information and participation opportunities, and providing advertisement information.
,• Company use personal information to build a service utilization environment that users can use safely in terms of security, privacy, and safety. 4. Sharing and providing personal information
,In principle, the Company does not provide the user's personal information to the outside.
,The Company will not provide personal information to the outside without prior consent of the user. The Company will only process the personal information of the information subject for the purposes specified in this policy. However, except for the case where there is a prior consent of the information subject, or when the obligation to submit personal information to the Company occurs in accordance with the provisions of the laws and ordinances, the imminent danger to the safety of the user's life or property is identified and resolved.. 5. Commitment of personal information processing
,The Company entrusts some of its work to an outside professional Company to provide convenient and better services.
,The Company is entrusted with the following services to improve the service and the Company has prescribed and supervised and supervised the matters required for the handling of personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law.
,[Domestic consignee]
,Customer consultation and monitoring, consultation contents Recording service: TBD
,Checking mobile phone's real name: NHN Korea Cyber Payment
,Real name account check, registration, etc. Service: K-SENNET
,National Police Agency Cyber Security Bureau: Check whether the transaction target mobile phone, account number report Internet fraud damage
,E-government Hi Korea: Foreigner identification
,Complaints of Ministry of Public Administration and Security 24: Confirmation of authenticity of Internet issuing document and resident registration card
,[Foreign consignee] 6. Retention of personal information and term of use Destruction of personal information
,In principle, if the period of retention of personal information has elapsed or the purpose of processing has been achieved, the Company will destroy the personal information without delay.
,However, if the Company obtains separate consent for the period of personal information retention, or if the Company is obliged to keep a certain period of time in another statute, the Company keeps user’s personal information secure during that period.
,The following are the cases where the user has obtained separate consent for the storage period of personal information.
,(Such as e-mail address, nickname, name, mobile phone number, address, deposit and withdrawal information, transaction details, wallet address, IP address, cookie, device information, etc.) In order to protect good users and to ensure a safe trading environment, the Company will keep and destroy for 5 years from the time of collection.
,To prevent fraudulent use of the service by repeating membership and withdrawal before receiving disciplinary punishment for fraudulent use, the duplicate registration confirmation information (DI) of the user who has withdrawn is kept for 5 years.
,The following are the cases where the statute prescribes the retention of information for a certain period of time, such as the Consumer Protection Act, Electronic Financial Transactions Act, and the Communications Privacy Protection Act. The Company keeps personal information in accordance with the provisions of the Act during this period and never uses this information for other purposes.
,• Personal information related to the use of the service (log-in record)
,- Preservation ground: Communication secret protection law
,- Retention period: 3 months
,• Records about advertisements and advertisements
,- Preservation grounds: Act on consumer protection in electronic commerce, etc
,- Retention period: 6 months
,• Record of contract or withdrawal
,- Preservation basis: Act on consumer protection in e-commerce etc.
,- Retention period: 5 years,• Record of payment and service provision
,- Preservation basis: Act on consumer protection in e-commerce etc.
,- Retention period: 5 years
,• Records of complaints or disputes by consumers
,- Preservation grounds: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce etc.
,- Retention period: 3 years
,• Records
,- on Electronic Financial Transactions
,- Preservation Basis: Electronic Financial Transactions Act - Retention period: 5 years
,Personal information that has been withdrawn from the membership, terminated, or the period of retention of the personal information agreed to by the user has been exceeded or the purpose of the processing has been accomplished is abandoned in accordance with internal policies and related laws.
,Upon receipt of a request to withdraw a membership, a grace period of seven days from this point will be given, and withdrawal will not be processed unless withdrawal is requested.
,The information that imposes conservation obligation under the Act shall also be destroyed in a way that can not be reproduced without delay after the expiration of the applicable period. In the case of electronic file format, it is safely deleted by technical method to prevent recovery and reproduction, and the output is destroyed by crushing or incineration.
,For reference, the Company keeps separate personal information of members who have not used the service for one year according to the 'Personal Information Expiration Period'.
,The personal information that is stored separately is never used for any other purposes, and is stored for 4 years and then destroyed without delay. 7. User's rights and how to exercise
,User can view or modify user’s personal information at any time from the member information section of purplecow.co.kr homepage. However, some information, such as email address, name, and date of birth, may not be editable, and additional documentation or materials may be required to verify the accuracy of the personal information users wish to modify.
,User may withdraw consent to collect and use personal information at any time by withdrawing membership.
,If a user requests correction of errors in personal information, the Company will not use or provide the personal information until the Company has completed the correction. Also, if user has already provided incorrect personal information to a third party, without delay, by notifying the correct processing results to a third party, the Company will ensure correction is made. 8. Matters concerning the installation, operation and rejection of automatic collection of personal information
,The Company operates 'cookies' which store and find information of users from time to time. A cookie is a very small text file that a server used to run a Company's website sends to user’s browser and is stored on computer's hard disk.
,• Cookies, etc. Purpose of use: Automatic login function, analyzing frequency and duration of visiting members and non-members, grasping user's tastes and interests, traceability, participating in various events, Provide customized services
,• How to set cookie-related options: Users have the option of installing cookies. Therefore, by setting options in the web browser, the user can allow all cookies, check each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies. However, if the user refuses to install cookies, it may be difficult to provide the service. 9. Company's efforts to protect personal information
,The Company will do its best to safely manage users’ personal information and protect the personal information to a minimum level required by the Information and Communications Network Act and the Personal Information Protection Act.
,The Company have established and implemented an internal management plan based on the Technical and Administrative Protection Measures for Personal Information (Notice No. 2015-3 of the Korea Communications Commission).
,In addition to passwords, unique identification information, and account numbers that require encryption in the Act, e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers are additionally encrypted and stored.
,In order to prevent unauthorized access and intrusion by information and communication network, the Company is installing the system in a restricted area with unauthorized access. The Company is backing up the data from time to time in order to prevent damage to personal information. The Company also uses the latest vaccine program to prevent personal information or data from being leaked or damaged. The Company securely send and receive personal information over the network through encrypted communication.
,The Company will minimize the number of employees handling personal information, and reduce the possibility of leakage of personal information by separating the internal network from the external internet network for employees' PCs that can download personal information from the personal information processing system. In addition, the Company constantly emphasizes that protecting personal information of the members is the most important value of the Company through periodic education about personal information handlers, occasional education and campaigns for Company employees.
,Under the chief information security officer, the Company has a security strategy team and always carries out technological and managerial safeguards to ensure that all employees and employees are in compliance with their privacy obligations.
,In order to prevent leakage of personal information, the Company has established access control procedures and operate access control systems and equipment to control the access of outsiders.
,The Company has established and is operating a Company information protection management system with reference to the international information protection standard ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 and the domestic information protection standard PIMS · ISMS. The Company also regularly verifies the Company information protection activities. 10. Personal information protection officer and person in charge
,The Company has designated the person in charge of personal information protection and the person in charge for the inquiries related to the user's personal information and handling the complaint.
,• Personal Information Protection Officer
,- Name: Lee Jung Ryun(Martin Lee)
,- Position: CEO, IBCT Korea
,- Contact: 070-4367-7380
,• Personal Information Protection Officer
,- Name: Oh Jae Min
,- Position: Director of Exchange,IBCT Korea
,- Contact: 070-4367-7380
,- E-mail: privacy@purplecow.co.kr
,If the customer needs to report or consult about other personal information infringement, the customer can contact the following organizations.
  • • Personal Information Infringement Notification Center (http://privacy.kisa.or.kr / 118 without the number)
  • • Cyber Investigation Department of Supreme Prosecutors' Office (http://www.spo.go.kr/)
  • • The Cyber Security Bureau of the National Police Agency (http://cyberbureau.police.go.kr/182)
11. Scope of Application
,This policy applies to the services and related services (including mobile web / apps) provided by the Company through the PURPLECOW EXCHANGE service homepage (www.purplecow.co.kr) May be subject to privacy policy.
,PURPLECOW EXCHANGE When collecting personal information from websites of other companies that are linked to the homepage of the service, this policy does not apply after personal information is provided by the user's consent. 12. Notice and Notice Duty
,According to Article 30-2 of the Information and Communications Network Act, an information and communication service provider who meets the standards set forth in the Presidential Decree shall notify the user at least once a year of the use of personal information collected by the user. The Company will notify the user of the use of personal information at least once a year.
,This policy will be enforced on February 14, 2019, and when it is revised, it will be announced through website announcement.
• Purpose of collecting personal information: Providing event information and participation opportunities, marketing and advertising, etc.
,• Collect personal information items: email address
,• Retention and Term of Use: Until the withdrawal of acceptance or withdrawal of consent, withdrawal of membership or retention period according to statute